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HOW IT WORKS: Korus wireless audio is like no other system.

We eliminated setup headaches, we made it rock-solid reliable, and we made it sound fantastic. We even made it easy to share the Korus experience with friends and family. Best of all, we made it more powerful and flexible so everyone in your home can enjoy the freedom and fun of wireless audio.

"Korus V600 and V400, takes the best features of WiFi and Bluetooth and combines it into one standard."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13
Powerful Superior, highly reliable wireless connection

The patented SKAA® audio technology in Korus speakers delivers exceptional clarity and detail over greater distances than standard Bluetooth®.

"...a combination of the SKAA wireless technology and the excellent construction of the V600 that provides a crystal-clear sound and allows the V600 to reach high volume levels without distortion."
Top Ten Reviews, 2013 Gold Award, September 2013
Social Play more than music. Switch and share on the fly in seconds.

Korus makes it easier. Just pass your Korus Baton to a friend so they can share their favorites with you. It is also an excellent choice for a neighborhood block party or other large gathering that may require you to make music selections on the fly from far away.

"It plays all music, all game audio, and all movie and video audio."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13
Flexible No setup, No Pairing, No Network Passwords, No Problems!

Stream audio to a single speaker or up to four simultaneously. Each Korus speaker remembers up to 10 Batons. You can put one in every room of your home.

"...The good news...is that it's beyond simple to use. You plug [the baton] in, turn on you device and you're there.The transmitter immediately recognizes and pairs with the Korus system."
Robin Raskin, MommyTech, 9/8/13