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Big sound sized right. Ideal as a companion to the V600.
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The V400s is smaller and lighter than the V600s, but it still delivers heavyweight sound. Its compact size is perfect for smaller areas like a kitchen counter, table, or anywhere you want exceptional sound but don’t have a lot of space. The V400s works great as a standalone wireless speaker but it’s also ideal for expanding your Korus system to other rooms.

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"...I really do love the smooth sound and ease of use of this system. I'd almost forgotten how rich music can sound. And the price is much lower than similar sound multi-speaker systems."
Robin Raskin, MommyTech, 9/8/13

Korus vs. Bluetooth and WiFi Comparison

Technical Specs:
  • - WideStage™ Acoustic Signature
  • - Low distortion, deep bass response
  • - Integrated handle for easy portability
  • - Plug in anywhere
  • - 3.5mm audio-in port for a wired connection to your devices
  • - Wireless range up to 65 ft indoors1
  • - Frequency response: 125Hz - 20kHz
  • - Dimensions (length width height):
    11in x 6in x 5.5in | 28cm x 16cm x 14cm
  • - Weight: 4.4lbs/2kg

"...The good news...is that it's beyond simple to use. You plug [the baton] in, turn on your device and you're there. The transmitter immediately recognizes and pairs with the Korus system.
Robin Raskin, MommyTech, 9/8/13

Plug in. Play.

There's no complicated network setup or pairing process. Just plug the 30-pin, Lightning™, or USB compatible Baton audio transmitter that is compatible with your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® mobile electronic devices, PC, or Mac® computer and instantly play your favorite music, videos, and games using the apps you use everyday. If you want to connect your Korus speaker with a different source device just move the Baton. It's that simple.

Wireless Speakers Compatibility True High Fidelity Wireless Audio

Bluetooth® wireless speakers can sometimes drop their signal, causing the music to stutter, lag, or even stop completely. That's why we use patented SKAA® wireless audio technology. It prevents click, pops and dropouts so you hear exactly what you should without any interruptions. Even better, it delivers exceptional audio clarity and detail over greater distances than Bluetooth®. SKAA® lets you roam further and keep the music playing without any worries. In fact, SKAA® is so good that pro musicians are using the same technology for wireless microphones and guitar packs on stage. SKAA® gives you the reliable audio performance that even demanding musicians need.

"...I've been listening to the deep rich sound system for about a week and really enjoy the emphasis on a balanced sound without the boom-boom bass that so many of today's systems pass off as fidelity."
Robin Raskin, MommyTech, 9/8/13

Sound You Can Feel

Korus is designed with a unique and innovative acoustic signature called WideStage™ that projects a multi-dimensional sound platform with the vocals up front and other instruments like guitars and drums placed in back. Such depth and breadth offers a richer, more dynamic audio experience that feels immersive and expansive, as if at a live performance.

Korus iphone

"The Korus Speakers can play any audio content on any player on iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs...Try doing all of that with your Sonos. It won't."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13

Rock On

The Korus power cable is compatible with each mobile Baton – 30-pin and Lightning™ -- so you can keep the music playing while charging your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod®. The cable simply plugs into your Baton on one end and into any standard USB power adapter or USB computer port on the other. Now you have endless power for your endless playlists.

Wireless Speakers Adapters Hear What You See When You See It

Wireless audio sent over Bluetooth® or WiFi can lag and fall out of time with on screen video. This makes your movies, videos and games sound terrible, and look like they're poorly dubbed. That's not entertainment. Patented SKAA® technology is low latency and maintains dead-on sync in movies and games so you hear every word, note and sound effect exactly when you're supposed to.

"It plays all music, all game audio, and all movie and video audio."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13

Build A House of Sound

Why stop at one? Add more Korus wireless speakers and build your own house of sound. Each Baton can stream the same song to as many as four Korus speakers simultaneously with perfect synchronization. Put four speakers in one room, or spread your Korus system throughout your home 1 – place a speaker in the kitchen, in the living room and even outside when entertaining. Or, you can also use an unlimited number of Korus speakers separately if your family doesn’t share the same music or sound level preferences. You can always reconfigure multiple Korus speakers to work together or separately literally with the touch of a button on the speaker.

"Needless to say, the multi-speaker capabilities are something no Bluetooth speaker system has."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13

Effortless Sharing

Anyone can enjoy using your Korus speakers to share their music. Just pass your Baton audio transmitter to your friends or family and let them plug in and play DJ. You can also let them connect directly into the 3.5mm audio in port. Now you can discover new music and share old favorites together.

DESIGN Korus Premium Design

Korus wireless speakers are custom designed from the ground up for a sound experience that is natural, life-like, and pleasing. Precision-engineered acoustics combined with careful attention to aesthetic details result in a truly stunning, high performance design. The polished surfaces, clean lines, and brushed aluminum button panel make the V400s look as great as it sounds. Plus the integrated rear handle can be used to wrap excess power cable when used next to a power outlet – that’s smart!

"I'm very impressed with Korus when compared to Sonos and of course, the litany of Bluetooth-based speakers I have used from brands like Bose."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13

Fits Anywhere

The V400s lets you add big sound in small places. Its compact design fits where you want: counter top, desk, shelf, or night table. And the convenient integrated handle makes it easy to move the speaker when desired.

Korus iPhone|iPad App
Korus v400 wireless speaker Convenient Control

The Korus app allows you to independently control the volume level on 1 to 4 speakers, or use a master control to adjust the volume level for a group of speakers together. And the app allows you to name each Baton plus each speaker something that is meaningful to you. The Korus app is available for free on the App StoreSM.

"As Apple has demonstrated so many times, some of the softer adders really make the difference and I think they did as well for Korus."
Patrick Moorehead, Forbes.com, 8/5/13

(1)Wireless range may vary with the construction and design of your home and environmental conditions.
(2)Actual battery life will vary with use and environmental conditions.

Korus vs. Bluetooth and Wifi Speakers

Wireless Speaker Comparison

Korus Premium
Setup & Sharing Plug in. Play. 1
No network or
pairing required
Device Pairing
Different steps for
every device
Network /
Works with all of your existing apps
Works with all music services
Hear videos without any audio delay
Hear game action without any audio delay
Simultaneously stream audio to
multiple speakers & rooms

excluding AirPlay® speakers
Portable - no network required
True Hi-Fidelity Wireless

Bluetooth is low bandwidth with pops, clicks and drops

WiFi is a shared network and performance can suffer impacting audio content